Quality and safety 

Mon Pari Gourmand’s pursuit of excellence has led to a constant focus on quality: its Origine France Garantie label, recognising the company’s French manufacturing of French ingredients, and ISO FSSC 22000 certification guarantee the origin, traceability and food safety of products.

With its product lines which are made with no artificial colours*, with no artificial flavours** and with no palm oil, this family-run company offers a range of simply delicious products.

*excluding chardons liqueurs and coloured decorations for chocolates.
**excluding beer flavouring


Made in France
This certification gives consumers clear information about the origin of a product.
It meets three criteria of requirement:
  • The main ingredient by weight in the recipe must be of French origin;
  • Any ingredient representing more than 8% of the weight of the recipe must be of French origin;
  • The ingredient (s) appearing in the sales denomination and in the trade name must be French.
The ingredients used to manufacture products are almost exclusively French with the exception of some nuts, coffee and cocoa, which cannot be produced in France.
ISO 22000 - ISO TS 22002 certification
The food safety management system for Mon Pari Gourmand’s products has been awarded ISO 22000 certification by an independent body. This certification guarantees food safety and ensures that the company’s products meet the latest legal and regulatory requirements. The total traceability of the company’s confectionery is guaranteed, from the production of ingredients to customer delivery. Every company employee takes an active role in this process: for example, weekly bacteriological tests are carried out on industrial tools and on the hands of chocolatiers and confectioners.
This certification enables Mon Pari Gourmand to work with companies with particularly high food safety standards and to export its products all over the world.
Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant: a Living Heritage Company
Mon Pari Gourmand was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label in 2018 by the French Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Lemaire. The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label is awarded by the French state, recognising French companies which boast traditional and industrial expertise.
Awarded for a period of five years, this label distinguishes manufacturers committed to the high performance of their profession and their products.
The Labeled Houses are characterized by:
     -  Holding a specific economic heritage
     -  The implementation of a rare know-how based on the mastery of traditional or high-tech techniques
     -  The reputation or the age of their implantation
Intersuc Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbons are awarded every year for the best chocolate and the best confectionery at the International Chocolate and Confectionery Salon in Paris.
Mon Pari Gourmand remains faithful to the recipes which have contributed to its success, some of which date back more than 40 years.
The following products have been awarded a Blue Ribbon as part of the Intersuc competition since 1974:
-    Caramel: La Réserve de L’Écureuil, 1974
-    Butter caramel with Marc de Gewurtz, 1999
-    Chocolate: orange tea, 1978
-    Chocolate: Carassel, 2002
-    Passion fruit pâte de fruit, 1981
-    Lime pâte de fruit, 1982

Pure cocoa butter