liqueur chocolates

Our range of liqueur chocolates

Mon Pari Gourmand offers 4 varieties of liqueur chocolates, with precious hearts of fruit spirits or regional spirits. A pleasure for amateurs!

  • Chardons liqueurs (Grand Marnier, fruit brandy: Williams pear, raspberry, Cognac, Calvados) Palets liqueurs: liqueur chocolate with fruit brandy made with mirabelle plum, Williams pear, raspberry, Cognac, Calvados)
  • Morello Cherry: kirsch-soaked cherries
  • Pommes de pin: pine cone design, with a Cognac centre and flaked almonds
  • Pâtes de fruit with liqueur centres

Unique expertise

  • Exceptional ingredients: Charentes Cognac, Normandy Calvados and fruit brandies are encased in a thin sugar shell and then covered in a delicious coating of high-quality chocolate.
  • Unique expertise: a liquid centre is created using starch, using a little-known traditional method.
  • Gluten-free and vegan products.