Bespoke production

Mon Pari Gourmand

Bespoke production has always been a key part of Mon Pari Gourmand’s development and is available to retailers, companies and chefs who want to use a high-end manufacturer to develop their own product lines.

A few examples of current clients:

- Caramels:

  • Printemps du Goût, Paris
  • Jours Heureux, gourmet food company
  • Leonidas, Belgian chocolatier
  • Fauchon, luxury gourmet food company, Paris
  • Esprit du Sel, salt producer on the Île de Ré
  • Rucher des 7 Molles, honey producer

-    Chocolates:

  • Bénédictine, manufacturer of trademarked alcohol
  • Génépi, Chartreuse under the brand name of the distillery
  • Cœur de Picardie
  • Jours Heureux, gourmet food company

-    Pâtes de fruit:

  • Comtesse du Barry, gourmet food company
  • Maison de la Mirabelle

Many patisserie and confectionery companies trust us and we work with some of the most demanding chefs and holders of the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Our recipes and methods

Bespoke production covers everything from the creation of an entirely new product to specific changes to existing recipes within our product range and customised packaging.
There are several stages to creating a product:

1.    Discussions with customers to establish their precise needs: taste, visual, finished product, packaging, ingredient requirements, quantity, launch date and more. This is vital to ensure that Mon Pari Gourmand can meet its customers’ requirements.
2.    Development, testing and perfecting the recipe: chefs create the recipe, R&D tests are carried out and the customer is provided with samples.
3.    Industrial testing: real conditions on our production lines to ensure product feasibility, production of the first batch.

Bespoke production is a particular focus of this family-run company: almost 50% of its range is made up of products which have been specifically developed at the request of our customers.

Making your own signature line

Having developed partnerships with printers and graphic designers, Mon Pari Gourmand is able to offer customised packaging including cellophane for individual packaging for caramels, cases or labels with the customer’s logo, for orders of more than 40 kg of a single product.

The customer covers the fixed costs of customising printing cylinders and packaging proofs, while Mon Pari Gourmand takes delivery of the packaging, storing it on company premises for use as and when it is needed. Confectionery is manufactured, wrapped, packaged in customised packaging and shipped to the customer.