Our range of pralines

These chocolates pralines black or milk, enriched with dried fruits will make you discover the pleasure of a contrasting sensation in the mouth.

  •      Crousticroc with caramelized almonds
  •      Craquendoule with laminated praline
  •      Zebranoisette with old-fashioned praline
  •      Intense almond
  •      Rocks
  •      Valencia with almond praline
  •      Walnut-coffee with almond-hazelnut praline and walnuts
  •      Intense hazelnut

Exceptional pralines

Since it was first founded in 1957, Mon Pari Gourmand has been driven by its pursuit of excellence: the family-run company has years of experience and expertise and now offers the largest range of caramels in Europe, with nearly 40 different caramel recipes, all made using high-quality products.

Our caramels are slowly cooked at low temperatures in our production unit. This technique creates soft, smooth caramels with truly exceptional flavours.

Mon Pari Gourmand also makes caramels with inlaid ingredients and decorations: this company is the only confectioner to master this method, guaranteeing truly unique caramels

  • Pure almond or hazelnut praline or a combination of the two
  • Tuiles d’Or: a speciality made with gianduja and flaked almonds
  • Exceptional ingredients: French hazelnuts, Spanish and Sicilian almonds
  • Different praline cooking processes for different intensities of flavour
  • Old-fashioned crunchy pralines and creamy, subtle pralines: different textures for a crowd-pleasing range.
  • Pralines with less sugar and more nuts