Our ranges of pâtes de fruit

  • Fruits du verger: pâtes de fruit made using carefully selected fruit from all over France, with more than 20 different flavours.
  • Succulentes: original combinations of pâtes de fruit and candied fruit, spices or aromatic herbs.
  • Apéritives: pâtes de légumes, made with vegetables and aromatic herbs and spices.

Original and natural pâtes de fruit

Mon Pari Gourmand puts all of its experience and know-how into the taste of its products, creating natural fruit pastes containing no artificial colourings or flavourings.

To be enjoyed at any time of day, for a snack or treat, their natural flavours are a delight for the taste buds.

  • Fruit chosen for its quality: Mon Pari Pâtes de Fruit is made with fresh fruit, bought from small French suppliers; they are peeled by hand and are processed immediately. Fruit is stored on our premises so that it can be cooked throughout the year.
  • Natural recipes: fruit, sugar, glucose syrup, pectin: no artificial colours or flavours.
  • Original and creative: unique pâtes de légumes (made with vegetables) and pâtes de fruit for incredible flavour combinations.
  • Gluten-free and vegan products.

Originality and creations

Mon Pari Gourmand innovates and invents original recipes to create an unrivalled taste experience.

Xavier Conraux revisits classic fruit pastes with original blends of flavours that will intrigue even the most seasoned of palates.