Our range of chocolates

Our carefully created recipes will delight all palates and provide a superb accompaniment for any occasion. Original blends, subtle textures and carefully crafted decorations: simply choose from our selection of sweet delights…

  • Ganaches: made with butter or cream or even flavoured (tea, alcohol, spices, fruit and more)
  • Single origin ganaches
  • Nougatines and caramels: chocolates covered with caramel and/or nougatine
  • Pâtes d’amande: filled with marzipan, pistachio or chestnut paste
  • The essentials: orange Aiguillettes and Rockamandes are two classics from the Mon Pari Chocolates range
  • Chocofruits: chocolate-covered pâtes de fruit
  • Chocolates to be sold individually

Exceptional ingredients

First and foremost, we use only first-rate ingredients: our chocolates Mon Pari Gourmand are made with superb varieties from Central America and Africa, all carefully selected by Xavier Conraux.

To make the ganache, praline and other fillings, butter, crème fraîche and milk are sourced from farms selected for the high quality of their produce, in keeping with the attention paid by Mon Pari Gourmand  to product quality and traceability.

  • Exceptional ingredients: chocolate made from beans from plantations around the world, exclusively blended by Mon Pari Gourmand for a truly exceptional taste. Cocoa beans come from South America, the Caribbean and Africa, while butter, milk and cream are supplied by French farms.
  • Chocolates are freshly made and are never frozen.
  • With a thin, crisp coating, a generous filling and expert recipes, we create a perfect balance between flavours and textures.
  • Mon Pari Gourmand combines its expertise with a rigorous production process: traditional methods for products which are finished and decorated by hand.

The art of blending

Xavier Conraux blends chocolate varieties with great care, in search of the right taste and balance of flavours.

He then creates classic and creative recipes using a variety of ingredients, such as vanilla, fruit pulp, spices, and alcohols.

Our wide range of chocolates will delight all gourmets: ganache, praline, nougatine and caramel, liqueur, orangettes or marzipan…