"Paris-Caramels" becomes "Mon Pari Gourmand" and affirms the ambition to develop "the Collection" and "custom manufacturing"


Labeling Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (E.P.V).


Arrival of Anne-Sophie Tellier and Delphine Conraux in the company, daughters of Xavier and Christine Conraux


Obtaining the FSSC 22000 certification and the Origine France Garantie (O.F.G) label.


Introduction des « Apéritives », spécialités aux légumes, dans la gamme des pâtes de fruits


Obtention de la certification ISO 22000.


The company moved to Allonne on a 3500m² site


Arrival of Christine Conraux in the company, wife of Xavier


Xavier Conraux buys the company from his parents


The company moves to the Beauvais industrial estate


Arrival of Xavier Conraux in the company, son of Guy and Josette Conraux // Launch of the range of chocolates


Launch of the range of fruit pastes


The company moved to Beauvais in the premises of a former monastic confectionery


Introductory of Charentes-Poitou AOP butter caramels


Creation of Paris-Caramels by Guy and Josette Conraux in Paris

Xavier Conraux – a chocolatier and confectioner with passion for his trade

In 1976, their son and chocolatier, Xavier, joined the family business: he created a range of chocolates with pure cocoa butter, continuing the pursuit of excellence, both in terms of the ingredients used and the taste and flavours obtained.

With an exacting approach and his family's extensive know-how, Xavier is strongly committed to quality, the cornerstone of Mon Pari Gourmand's business. He also brings a touch of creativity and originality with bold recipes that offer new and unique taste experiences!

Christine Conraux – a commitment to quality

In 2000, Christine joined her husband at Mon Pari Gourmand, bringing her high level of expertise in the area of hygiene and food safety. With two decades of experience working as a micro-biologist, she worked to achieving certification for the various stages of production.

Mon Pari Gourmand was awarded the Origine France Garantie (French Origin Guaranteed) quality label and received ISO 22000 - ISO TS 22002 certification in 2008, which came as recognition of this family-run company's attention to quality and customer well-being, and its pursuit of perfection.

Delphine Conraux, Production Manager

Some people’s futures are set in stone from the very beginning. For as long as she can remember, Delphine Conraux has always wanted to work for her family’s confectionery company. After studying for a degree in Food Engineering, she joined Mon Pari Gourmand at the age of 26, ready to take the company into a new era.

All of her childhood memories have a connection to delicious food: it’s as if a love of all things sweet were inherited in the Conraux family!

Long before making any formal decisions as to her career, Delphine spent her younger years unconsciously embracing her future by sharing her opinion on new products and recipes with her family and by visiting Michelin-starred restaurants to perfect her culinary knowledge.

She learns from experienced staff on the production line, along with her father, and she updates company recipes and processes with these closely guarded secrets. Behind the scenes, she is also responsible for recruitment and daily and weekly schedules.

Her sociability and her enthusiasm for communication make her a natural for this role: posting on the company’s social media accounts, giving radio interviews, managing partnerships, working on media advertising and events. Athletic and committed, ambitious and caring, Delphine has a key role within the family company and believes passionately in its values.

Anne Sophie Tellier, Export Manager

Brought up with a love of sweet treats, French gastronomy and the earth’s bountiful gifts, Anne-Sophie Tellier had a successful career in the agri-food industry before joining the family company.

She became interested in cooking at an early age, sharing her family’s passion and developing her palate in some of France’s greatest restaurants. Given her family’s passion for delicious confectionery, she made what seemed like the most obvious choice when it came to her studies, opting for a degree in Life Science Engineering, specialising in agri-food.

In 2012, after 5 successful years of study, Anne-Sophie began her first job as a Research & Development Project Manager with one of France’s leading frozen food companies, specialising in pastries and catering.

For 6 years, Anne-Sophie worked to develop recipes with the company’s chefs, to manage production on an industrial scale and to develop closer ties with the marketing department to offer a packaging design service, thereby providing consumers with complete and comprehensive range of products. She learned much from this hands-on experience and now shares her expertise with the family company.

In summer 2018, she joined Mon Pari Gourmand at the same time as her sister Delphine, supporting her parents and sharing the skills she honed in the world of R&D and her significant international experience. She has breathed new life into Mon Pari Gourmand by joining this company, along with her sister and has, ensured the continuity of this family company, founded more than 60 years ago.